Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Shoe find of the Week:Dr. Martens Darcie

Dr. Martens Darcie
Dr. Martens Darcie by bastylefilegirl on

I have no idea why at this stage in my life I would want some Dr. Martens, but I do! I guess you can say even when I was unfashionable (High School), I always admired other people’s style including the goth/punk kids who wore Dr. Martens, and soon after when Dr. Martens got “urban” with the Jodeci look! But the ones I’m currently swooning over the Darcie are much less like the combat boots of my youth and a little more fashionable! I guess the fact that the Darcie boot is a part of Dr. Martens "diva collection" is probably why I like them?! Now what finish should I get, I’m heavily leaning towards the patent which shouldn’t be a surprise and would work well for the current wet Bay Area weather, and our usual Spring time rain. Now to the price issues I have seen them priced from $99.00/$109.00 (zappos) for the white and cherry colors to $125 (zappos)-$130 (Dr. Martens website) for the other color variations, so an additional price search is recommended if you decided to buy. Regardless of if you’ll be diving from a mosh pit, or styling them a little bit more fashionably I think this boot are a great find, HAPPY SHOPPING!

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Dr Martens Boots said...

This reminds me of the patent leather Doc Martins boots for which I have had a hankering. Happy to hear that you wear your Docs with suits. Great post!

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