Monday, January 25, 2010

Beauty Find of the Week: Kimble Hair Care Systems

Post wash and air dry with another shampoo/conditioner

So this isn’t another InStyler post although it was used, and I still love it. As I told you all before I’m going to “do” my own hair in-between shop appointments and thought maybe I should invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. While I was at Tarjay (French for Target), I was browsing the aisles and sticking to my list (FAIL) which didn’t include shampoo or conditioner when I saw IT. What is it you’re asking, what made me derail from the list, Kimble Hair Care Systems. Kim Kimble a name I’m familiar with as a black hair guru has been featured in a multitude of magazines including Essence, Allure, and InStyle and has been treating the tresses of Beyonce, Gabrielle Union, Taraji P. Henson, and one of my favorites Kerry Washington.

Post Kimble Hair Care Systems Shampoo/Conditoner and air dry
This is where I noticed the biggest diffrence hair much more managable

I ended up purchasing the Silk Treatment Conditioner and Peppermint Crème Shampoo
( I love the tingle it gives) and the results were amazing Post/Wash Condition/dry my hair was much less poofy and had a wonderful natural sheen, not to mention my usually post wash flaky scalp ( I have Psoriasis) was perfectly clean.

Post Wash with another shampoo/conditioner and InStyler

Post Styling I had almost no flyways as compared to before and the sheen that I mentioned before was still there. All in all I’m in love and did I mention that each 8 oz container of the shampoo/conditioner were only $10.99?!! Unfortunately Target only sells 4 products from the extensive Kimble Hair Care System in store, but way more online. The entire version of the effective and affordable line is also available for direct purchase from Kim Kimble’s online store, HAPPY SHOPPING!

Post Kimble Hair Care System shampoo/conditioner and Instyler ( NO FLAKES :) )
Hair is a little more full than before it has been 5 weeks since a relaxer

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