Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Q&A: Vicky Tsai of TATCHA

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure to introduce you to a wonderful Bay Area based beauty brand TATCHA, and since then more wonderful things have been happening. You can now purchase TATCHA at Herringbone Apothecary in Berkeley and Doe in Hayes Valley. In the time since the first post I also had a little time to chat with TACHA founder Vicky Tsai, and I found out that we have some favorite beauty products in common, as well as some other wonderful facts about her, and of course I’m sharing them with you….ENJOY!
photo of Kyoto, JP

What were you doing, prior to the launch of TATCHA?
Vicky: I’ve spent the better part of my life involved in beauty – first as a passionate consumer, then working in my mother’s cosmetics boutique growing up, and then finally at a global beauty care company. It wasn’t until I spent some time with a green ratings start-up called GoodGuide though that I began to learn about the environmental and health hazards of these products I had always loved. So before I launched TATCHA, I spent 1.5 years travelling the world searching for beauty products from the past that beautify and simplify responsibly. TATCHA is my way of sharing these treasures I find along the way.

If you weren’t in the beauty industry what would you be doing?
Vicky: Great question! I’ve done different things in my career but nothing has ever been such a labor of love. I hope I never have to find out.

Do you expect on expanding the TATCHA line with other products?
Vicky: Absolutely. There are so many gems that I keep finding from the East that are as sumptuous as they are simple. Bay Area Stylefile will be the first to know as the line grows.

When you aren’t overly busy running your business, what are some of your favorite things to do?
Vicky: What a timely question. I’m expecting my first little one in a few weeks – it’s a girl! So when I’m not working on TATCHA, I’m preparing for motherhood. I’m taking name suggestions! I’ll send a year’s worth of TATCHA to anyone who comes up with a winning name. Her last name will be Bevan (pronounced Bevin).

The 5 Fashion/Beauty items you can’t live without?
Vicky: I’m on a mission to simplify my beauty and fashion routines so I’m a big fan of effortless, elegant style solutions. If I had to pick just five though:
1. TATCHA beauty papers – of course ;-)
2. Zobha active wear – stylish enough to wear to brunch but high performance enough to work out in too. Also a SF brand!
3. Butter London - nail lacquer in Pink Ribbon
4. Julie Hewett - Camellia Balm for lips, eyes, face
5. Silk scarves from Nepal that I stock up on whenever I am in Asia. Throw them on with jeans, a black tank top and heels and you’re ready to go.
photo cred: Toshiya Toide

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Patrick said...

I am a HUGE fan of Tatcha and use it whenever I can't get a thorough face-washing, which is often. This is a miracle paper: lifts all the oil away without drying, perfectly sized for coverage of the entire visage, and leaves me feeling fresh as though I could work another full day!

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