Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Shoptalk: Bisou Organic Nail Lounge ( CalGel Edition)

Before: my natural nails with some clear polish

As soon as I walked through the doors and saw the shabby chic décor of Bisou Organic Nail Lounge I knew that I was in the right place. Let me take you back a bit I was looking at the August 2009 issue of Marie Claire which featured a section on new nail technologies and the one that had me fascinated was CalGel. I scoured the internet for a place to get it done and there was only one place and it was right in my own backyard Bisou Organic Nail Lounge.
Keina getting ready to apply Clear CalGel
Now I know what you’re thinking Organic and Gel well that’s right CalGel is made of organic compounds the texture of smooth honey it doesn’t require any electric filing, it doesn’t use any nail clips for removal, your nails can “breathe”, and I personally haven’t experiences any lifting/peeling/chipping. The owner of Bisou Organic Nail Lounge Keina Kataoka is also the shops CalGel Technician (she’s a certified trainer as well) who happens to be super sweet, and a true artist.

After: Me holding a bottle of oil

The application process was pretty quick Keina first lightly buffed my nails (by hand); then she applied a thin coat (like applying nail polish) of a clear CalGel; placed my nails under a UV light, then applied a coat of colored/glitter CalGel (then UV light); then a coat of another glitter CalGel called “Ice” (then UV light); she topped it off by hand applying glitter to each nail, and finally set it with a CalGel “topcoat” and some nail oil for my cuticles.

After: I'm the worst hand model ever! :)

The entire process took about 30 minutes. Prices vary but for just a clear set of CalGel nails (an overlay) its 45 dollars. If CalGel still isn’t for you Bisou Organic Nail Lounge features much much more stop by and check them out:
5292 College Ave
Oakland, CA 94618

P.S. And don’t just take my word for it Bisou Organic Nail Lounge got 4 ¾ stars on Yelp.
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