Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Accessory Find of the Week: One Of A Kind Vintage Necklace

While browsing my current obsession twitter I came across the best little link to the boldest most beautiful necklaces I have seen! Urban Outfitters', a little older, wiser, more eclectic, and yet still fashionable older sister Free People has obtained lovely one of a kind necklaces (5 different styles including the one shown) from Philadelphia talent. While each piece which are comprised of vintage finds will be similar to the one displayed online there will be slight variation and there is nothing really wrong with a little surprise every now and then. These wonderful little bobbles are perfect for warm weather since they boast a floral motif but will transition well into fall since bold necklaces will be on trend. Of course when you see words like vintage and one of a kind you do have to pay a little more, each necklace is between $ 128-168 ( I’m saving for mine) which when you think about it isn’t that much for a statement maker. Happy Shopping!
photo cred: Free People

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