Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Beauty Find of the Week: Chinatown Glossy Pencil

Bay Area Style File readers “I’m taking you down, I’m taking you down to Chinatown!” okay so I’m not going to beat you up but, I am going to introduce you to Lipstick Queen’s newest lip wear Chinatown- Glossy Pencil. And yes you saw it right glossy, unlike most pencils this one is unique in it’s glossy, sheer, and uber moisturizing formulation, but that’s not surprising because the Lipstick Queen brand is known for it’s quirky style and innovative formulations. Chinatown comes in 5 infamous shades ( top to bottom): Mystery ( an eggplant purple); Thriller ( a strong reddish- pink ); Chase ( a baby doll pink); Genre ( a orangy coral); and my favorite Crime ( a hot pink), all of which are sheer with a hint of just enough color. By the way each pencil comes with its own sharpener so you don’t have to fuss with buying a new one. You can pick up your pencil and sharpener in your local Chinatown just kidding you can pick them up at, Barneys, or various international locations. HAPPY SHOPPING!
photo cred: Lipstick Queen

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Tried it, love it! is now my one stopshop for all my lip stuff. : )

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