Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Shoe find of the Week: Poppy

I think Farylrobin’s Poppy shoe is one of my greatest finds to date. While I typically lean towards the black in almost everything else with these I love them equally. Faryl herself describes the shoe as an “Island platform crisscross pumps with a touch of neon or animal print.” and I described them as perfection. The black ones are great for the office or a night out, and the gray with that sick splash of neon will kick the right outfit up to the next level. I'm just upset I didn't have the gray pair two weeks ago I have a dress with the exact coloring but, I can always wear the dress again now that I know I've found the perfect shoes. So ladies go get your pedicures, and pick up these shoes ASAP! Happy Shopping!

P.S. An interview with Faryl is in the works!
photo cred: Farylrobin

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