Monday, May 11, 2009

Beauty Find of the Week: Portable Essence Oils

As you may have well notice I don’t do many stories about fragrance, and that’s because fragrance is well in the nose of the beholder. I know people are very personal and typically fanatical about their personal scent style. Well I just wanted to introduce a new fragrance to your noses. Kiehl’s has six new portable (roller ball bottles) essence oils and they are simply wonderful. The newest Portable Essence Oils are Amber 1942, Gardenia 1961, Chinese Flowers 1967, Cucumber 1972, Pear 1977, and Pour Homme 1987 ( yeap one for guys too). Each fragrance is long lasting because of its concentration of fragrance and oil formulation (you don’t need much). My personal favorite formulations are Amber 1942 and Pear 1977. Kiehls describes these to fragrances as follows:
AMBER 1942: Kiehl’s customers have always been drawn to Amber for its warm, sweet and long-lasting scent. Amber is fossilized tree resin and the oldest traces originate from the Upper Carboniferous period approximately 345 million years ago.

PEAR 1977: In 1647 Peter Stuyvesant, the governor of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam brought back a pear tree from his native Holland and planted it on his farm. For 220 years, the tree thrived at the location that would form the intersection of Thirteenth Street and Third Avenue in the East Village – today fondly known by New Yorkers as “Pear Tree Corner” and outside the original Kiehl’s Pharmacy. Out in front of the apothecary, Governor Stuyvesant’s historic pear tree shaded patrons and employees alike until 1867. Declared by Harper’s Monthly as “the oldest living thing in New York City” in 1862, the venerable pear tree bore fruit nearly until its demise, when it was struck in a most fateful wagon accident.

My personal descriptions of these fragrances…..

AMBER 1942: More like Amber 1990’s reminiscent of my childhood/teenage years as a student in Berkeley and my many travels up and down Telegraph avenue. Bringing back memories of laughter, fun, and of course a classic Berkeley “hippie” vibe that is capture in the purest fragrance of Amber.

PEAR 1977: This also brings back memories of me and my grandparents going to the orchards to pick the freshest and most ripe fruits. This is a literal fragrance smelling of pure pear, but not overpoweringly so it has just the right hint of softness. It’s sure to get some guys doing a double takes as you walk by.


photo cred: Kiehl's

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