Monday, April 27, 2009

Shoptalk: Cosmo Spa Lounge ( Minx Edition)

I’ve been hearing about this new look for nails for about a year, which prompted me to search far and wide. I found a few nail shops in the Bay Area that perform what I now know is called Minx. Minx is a line worn by many celebs like Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Rihanna, and includes an array of metallic, graphic, and even nail polish looking “films” made of a plastic polymer that cover your nails and toenails too. It’s perfect for us with natural nails (it can be applied to acrylics, and gels nails too) which normal polish never seems to “stick too” it can last up to two weeks on the hands ( average is about 10 days), and three weeks on the feet. I of course had to keep loyal to my city and find the best shop in Oakland and that’s when I found Cosmo Spa Lounge online. I was pleasantly surprised that such a wonderful upscale shop was within 2 minutes of my house. Cosmo Spa Lounge was head and shoulders above the rest when it came to Minx technology ( they do awesome nail art too), so I promptly contacted the Spa and talked to the owner, and nail designer extraordinaire Soo Jin. After a short talk, Soo Jin offered to show me what the Minx experience was like, and now I’m going to share my experience with you.
1.I was treated to a “dry” manicure, the nails must be dry so that the Minx adhesive sticks ( don’t let the lack of water fool you it was one of the most meticulous manicures I ever received)
2. My nails were then heated (“heat is your friend” is the motto for a Minx treatment) so that the adhesive would stick better
3. The Minx appliqué was heated and then placed to each nail and heated some more
4. The excess appliqué was removed from the tips/sides of my nails ( more heat )

5. Wahlah perfect silver/black houndstooth nails, mine lasted about 8 days, but the dry manicure still looks spectacular!
photo cred: Cosmo Spa Lounge


un bel oiseau said...

Oh this is so to find a place that offers these manicures in Boston...

thanks for posting this!

Keturah said...

i was on google last night trying to find a place in looks like I'll be driving to the bay


so going to try this... i know one place in oakland charges around 70 for the mani. was this place around the same price?

Kasey said...

A mani is 65 and a pedi is 85 at Cosmo Spa Lounge.

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