Thursday, April 23, 2009

Look of the Week: Biker Chic

Silence and Noise Satellite Moto Vest- $88.00 @ Urban Outfitters
Member's Only Skull Cami - $48.00 @ Urban Outfitters
Silence and Noise Ripped Jeans - $68.00 @ Urban Outfitters
Dolce Vita Parker Boots - $198.00 @

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Lisa B. said...

I love "Biker Chick Chic". It's so classic and timeless, yet with a rebelious edge. In fact, I designed a fashion backpack that is Biker Chic personified. It's called "Mettle Case" 'cause its got a whole lotta backbone. One particular style is "Intercorset" (yes, you read that right) which rocks the biker look like no other backpack in the world -- I swear! I've gone and started a whole Backpack Revolution. See for yourself:

Lisa B.

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