Monday, April 13, 2009

Beauty Find of the Week: Génifique

Thanks to Tami at Fete a Fete I found out about Lancome’s newest project, which happens to be their official blog, I also found out about an amazing giveaway. The giveaway of course led me to Lancome’s newest product Génifique. Génifique is supposed to give father time a kick in the pants by boosting the activity of the genes that make us look youthful. As for me I have pretty good genes no one in my family actually looks their age (thanks mom and dad!) so after a week and a half of use I’m looking all of 12 years old right now haha! But seriously the one thing I do love about this product is how it evens out the texture of your skin. Sometimes depending on the weather, hormones etc skin can look “ruddy” and dull but Génifique nips those problems right in the bud. I'm glad I took Tami’s advice and visited the Lancome’s site in early March and participated in the giveaway I was one of the lucky people who won a bottle (nah na na na nahhhh na), as for you you’ll have to spend the money to buy your own! Happy Shopping!
photo cred: Lancome

1 comment:

Tami - fete a fete said...

aww, thanks for the love Kasey! :)
glad u liked it...and congrats on winning it! :D

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