Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Accessory Find of the Week: Kimchi Blue Tie Dye Clutch

Kimchi Blue does it again with another fabulous Tie Dye Clutch that I must have. This one is a little bigger than the previous version (which I have and love by the way) that I featured and also has a strap. Now I know some of you opened the link and saw the 68 dollar price tag, but it is leather, and for the size and the fun tie dye print this bag looks like its worth a lot more, and I’m sure some big name designer would sale this bag for at least a thousand dollars (which is ridiculous). Regardless of the way you decided to wear it (strap/strapless), or what color you choose (coral or black) this bag will transition easily between seasons and add a little spice to any outfit!
photo cred: Urban Outfitters

1 comment:

fete a fete said...

Cute! I want one. :P

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