Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"High" Fashion: Candela NYC Jazz Sandal

I’m sorry I never was really a huge fan of the gladiator sandal, but I respected the trend although I didn’t actually wear it myself. Well now it’s 2009 and I will no longer respect this played out trend, seriously the gladiator sandal is “soooooo 2008”! Candela NYC (I love their knit hats by the way) hasn't caught up with the times and has created the NYC Jazz Sandal. Now don’t me wrong the sandal is cute enough, even though it is pushing the envelope with it’s gladiator styling, I thought the studded were a nice touch. However when I caught a glimpse of the price tag I nearly fainted $248.00 for a shoe that Maximus or King Leonidas wouldn’t even wear? I’m sorry a suede, studded gladiator sandal is not worth 60 bucks let alone 250!
photo cred: Urban Outfitters


Designer Shoes Luvr said...

I'm in one-hundred percent agreement with you about the price. The trend has probably out stayed it's welcome.
Certain models will still be popular but only at the right price point.



Anonymous said...

i would have to disagree.. i think the gladiators are fly if worn right!
i think fashion is what you make it. people aren't always going to agree with what you put on, but to call a shoe sooo 2008 and were a month and 2 weeks in 09 is a bit "fashionista" uncalled for.
i think the redundancy of these so called fashionista blogs are getting out of hand..

Kasey said...
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Kasey said...

LOL everyone has their own opinion I just tend to use my name and not hide when I express my opinion!

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