Monday, September 1, 2008

Style File Find of the Week: Kimchi Blue Botanical Dress

I think I’ve made this clear in the past, but I’m not really what you call a dress kind of girl, and I really HATE floral's, on clothes, in fragrance, etc. So imagine how amazed I was when I saw this dress on the Urban Outfitters website. The Kimchi Blue Botanical Dress comes in three colors ( navy being the only one I deem wearable for me). I can’t really put my finger on what has drawn me to the dress, maybe it’s the fact that is can be worn from Summer well into fall ( just add tights). I’m betting it’s the styling of the dress, in the catalogue that has me drooling tights+ cardigan+ funky shoes = my style. Priced at a doable 68 bucks I suggest you pick it up in whatever color you like.
photo cred: Urban Outfitters

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