Monday, November 13, 2017

Q & A: House No. 3028


Just last week, I let you know about a really cool, and inclusive shoe brand called House No. 3028, and as you may know I enjoy putting  a face with the name and it’s even more rewarding when you’re putting a face to a brand that you absolutely want to support.  Thressa one half of House No. 3028 was kind enough to answer a few questions for me as well as for you enjoy……..

1.     What were you doing, prior to the launch of House No. 3028?

My brother Norrell and I were both working in retail.


2.     If you weren’t in the fashion industry what would you be doing?

I would be in some kind of corporate management position.

3.     What inspired you to do footwear design?


When I had to get spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis after losing 50 lbs. I was looking to replace my wardrobe by creating a small capsule collection of basics because everything down to my shoes didn’t fit. I knew I wanted a nude shoe in my skin tone having studied fashion in school, I knew nude heels were supposed to extend your legs by matching with your skin and that just didn’t exist at a reasonable price. That’s when the light bulb went off.


4.     When you aren’t overly busy running your business, what are some of your favorite things to do?

I like to workout to unwind and too look good of course and I love watching Scandal and This Is Us.

5.     The 5 Fashion/Beauty items you can’t live without?

  1. Nyx Primer

  2. Black Jeans

  3. Nude Nails (my nude of course)

  4. Glo Girl Lipstick in Smokin

  5. And House NO. 3028 Heels in Caramel


6.     Inspirations, references, or underlying themes we can look forward to in the future of the House No. 3028 brand?


This is going to sound so weird but right now I’m really inspired by Biggie, the early Rocafella days and Dipset. Minimalism and 1970’s glamour.

Monday, November 6, 2017

Mischo Beauty Nail Polish (Relaunch)

We all know how I feel about nail polish (and nail art), I’m absolutely in love with it. Currently I’m taking a long break from gel nails, which means I get to do one of my favorite things polish my own nails and create nail art. That’s why I’m happy one of my favorite nail polish brands is back after about a 4 plus year hiatus. Mischo Beauty   is back and is now 9 free (she use to be 5 free), and has updated her bottles (that were already great by the way), to a lux vintage look that is topped by a gold globe.


The relaunch features 15 colors, as well as a Top and Base Coat. The colors range from subtle nude-esque colors to fashion forward hues. You can purchase them individually for $17.00 or in sets of (that include the base/top coat) for $51.00.  I decided to go with 3 individual colors that caught my eye “Unbothered”, “Diana”, and “San Souci. In addition to the less toxic formulations are long lasting, quick drying, and a breezy to apply. I really highly recommend this brand. If you had the chance, what colors would you get? Happy Shopping!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Event Alert: House No. 3028 Pop-Up Shop

I cannot believe that one of my favorite podcast (Gettin’ Grown) that’s based out of the East Coast put me on to House No. 3028 a shoe brand based right out of my own backyard in Oakland, California. I know it was meant for me to hear about this brand, they specialize in nude heels, and I mean “real” nude shoes that accommodate women of color, not the laughable standard band-aide color. If you are in the SF Bay Area and are interested in this brand you are in luck. House No. 3028 is having a Pop up shop soon. Check out below for more details, and stay tuned for an interview with House No. 3028 to find out more about the brand.


Who: House No: 3028


What: Pop-up Shop (Brown Girl Friendly Nude shoes)


Where: Carpe Diem Gallery and Boutique

1420 Broadway, Oakland CA.


When: November 11, 2017


Invite :

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Brand New Alert: Form Beauty Minis

Photo Cred: Form Beauty

If you listen to podcast then you may have heard about Bevel (a razor system made for skin and hair that is often overlooked) , well Bevel now has a sister brand called Form Beauty. I’ve been excited since this brand was announced and even took my consultation to learn what products (the brand calls it a regimen) will work for me. But, if you are following  my YouTube page then you know how much I enjoy  my  current shampoo/conditioner I’m using, so I did not make the leap and buy the brand when it was originally released

Today, Form Beauty launched minis of every product in its line. I’m super excited that I now get to try all the products in my hair without taking the full size risk just yet. Did I mention that it’s also sold at Sephora (however the minis are exclusive to Form Beauty’s site).  The brand is meant for all types (or should I say forms) of hair, not just for girls like me with jet black springy coils. It won’t hurt to take the consultation and now you don’t have to buy a full size with the introduction of the minis.

Photo Cred: Form Beauty



My Form Consultations Results:


Clarify Detoxing Shampoo

Cleanse – Gentle Shampoo (Did not purchase mini will try later)

Hydrate Moisturizing Conditioner

Multitask 3-in 1 leave- in lotion

Define Elongating Curl Cream

Polish Moisture-Sealing Pomade


Happy Shopping!


P.S. Get free shipping by using the code "minis" at check out.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Smarty Pits from Handcrafted Honeybee (Pumpkin Spice Bonus)

Quick back story I’ve made a conscious effort to make sure my largest organ (my skin) is treated with the same care and thought as my internal ones. I try to use products with no chemicals, or materials that have been shown to be safe and also benefit the skin in the long run.  So when it comes to deodorant I’m “all natural” (or as natural as you can get with actually still wearing product). At night I typically put on the crystal deodorant which works well for me, but since I have such long days and end them at the gym I need something that is natural but effective. I went through many items some of which just smelled awful, and others that kept me more sweaty that normal.


In comes Smarty Pits from Handcrafted Honeybee I did not have that problem. The Smarty Pits deodorant keeps me pretty much sweat free (although it’s not technically an antiperspirant) and odor free from 6am to 7pm which includes a 1 and a half hour gym session, and a lot of that is because there unique formulation includes probiotics which gets your body to work in your favor. I came across the brand on Instagram and thought, why not try it since it’s a Northern California based brand and I knew it would get to me via mailed quickly. One other note, I have a serious baking soda sensitivity (I get itchy and a gross rash under my arms if I use an item with it) so I was happy to know that a baking soda free option (Magnesium is used instead) was available. I selected the Coconut Mango fragrance (they have fragrance free), and have been happy using it for over 3 months.

Cut to about a week ago, when the Smarty Pits announced that they were introducing a Pumpkin Spice fragrance.  Have said that I’m a card carrying member of the pumpkin spice Fan Club, the pumpkin spice hive if you will so this was up my ally, and I immediately ordered. I cannot wait until November when the Almond Biscotti fragrance will be released.


If you already use an all-natural deodorant and looking to change up, or wanting to get away from the drug store brands, I highly recommend Smarty Pits

Price Point- $12 for 2.37 oz , $5 for 0.35oz, or $15 for 4 0.35oz containers

Where to Buy- Primarily online at the website, however check this link for stores in each state

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Cute Alert: Topshop Side Snap Straight Leg Jeans

Photo Cred:

In the first 7 months of this year, Topshop has come under some comical fire for the release of jeans with plastic windows on them. However the release of this “unique” jean from the brand has me interested. I honestly understand how anyone can thing these are silly, but I find them absolutely stylish and just plain cute. You honestly have a couple pair of jeans in one and can make them super casual (keep them buttoned up with a tee), to a pair of evening jeans by pairing them with a blouse and unbuttoning the sides to a daring height. My only complaint is that these don’t come in a darker wash, so that they transition easily into the fall/winter.

Photo Cred:

Where to Buy: Nordstrom/

Price: $95.00

Monday, July 31, 2017

Nailed It: d.i.d nail paint


I’m back, and here with one of my favorite topics, nail polish (remember when I had a line). This time I’m night highlighting nail art, I or my favorite nail artist did, but a polish line. One think you may not know about me, is other than Japanese Nail Art, I really like supporting nail polish/nail care brands that are owned by women of color (WOC), I have a few favorites, that I’ll let you know about in another post, but I came across a new one and I’m so excited.





d.i.d nail paint is a 8- free, and cruelty free nail polish line, which was started by nail technical Adrienne Blanks  The line launched with a Indiegogo crowdfunding even a few years back, and now the bottles have changed and the brand seems to be doing well. The color range is not as expansive as some of your name brands; however the collection has a core group of colors, along with some bright options for the summertime.  I’m personally in love with “The Nude Collection”., and picked up “Skinny Dip” as well as “The Nail Care Essentials” kit  (Non acetone+ moisturizing remover, Start (Primer), and Photo Finish (high gloss top coat) ).  The one color from the line I’m dying to get my hands on is “Sweet Potato Pie” ( I could go for an actual slice too), but it’s sold out. Overall I’m happy with my purchases, the primer and top coat are AMAZING (and play well with other polishes), and the nude is perfection.  

My nails are so well moisturized after using this remover.

The Remover is one of the most unique nail products I have tried. It’s unlike any other “safe” remover I’ve tried as well, it is 100% moisturizing, removes polish well (I had polish that had glitter in it), and has absolutely ZERO polish remover smell (even the other healthy ones have similar scents). I highly recommend this product to those who have issues with the scent, and also want to keep the toxins around them low.



If you want to purchase anything from d.i.d nail paint check out the website, or social media accounts:









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