Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beauty Quickie: Kailijumei Lipstick

WHO: Kailijumei

Kailijumei Lipstick

HOW (it looks, smells, cost etc.): 
Translucent, jelly look, with a dried flower  and gold flakes floating in the center. The It's not heavily fragranced but smells a bit sweet (I can't 100% place the smell). The packaging is perfection (see the video below for how it works), shiny red, with a built in mirror. I wish all my lipsticks were packaged this way.

Price Point: $25 from the Kailijumei website (which is frequently sold out) , but I found mine on Alibaba for $6.95 each.

Some of the natural ingredients are candelilla resin, cocoa butter, beeswax and lavender oil. (that's the claim)

* This product also claims to be cruelty free, which is odd because to my knowledge all cosmetics in China require animal testing. (Still trying to figure this one out).



Also check them out on  Instagram



This is a really fun product, I'm not sure I would pay $25 for it, since the color (on that day) didn't change that much for me. They are basically all versions of "pink" that based on your body temperature changes colors. So depending on the day or you "mood" the shade will definitely change. Another thing I did like about it beyond the fabulous packaging is that it lightly stains your lips so you are left with brush of color after some of the shine wears off. Finally for those of you (somewhat like me) who like "clean" beauty I have to assume it's NOT "cleanest" product, while it has some natural ingredients, the color change aspect requires some chemicals I'm assuming. That being said the natural ingredients it does have makes it very moisturizing, and could be worn everyday (without having to put balm on first). All in all it's good but not great, check out the application, and colors in the video below.

Overall Rating: 3.5 out of 5 Stars

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clarins Skin Boosters

We’ve all had hard days (and nights), and times where our regular skincare routine needed a boost, well Clarins took the boost idea literally.  Clarins Skin Boosters takes your favorite moisturizer and gives it an easy enhancement.

Do not let the small packaging fool you the little bottles pack a big punch, so much so you only need 3 to 5 drops added to your favorite moisturizer (or even you favorite serum, foundation, or oil).  Ease of use in skincare is one of the top 3 requirements, and the little bottles are easy to handle as well as dispensing (by tapping the bottom) is a cinch. I’ve used them (I have the Energy and Detox varieties) a few days a week for about 3 weeks and I love them, you get an instant glow. I’m really thinking about purchasing the Repair version soon.

Here are more details on the 3 varieties of Clarins Skin Boosters:

Clarins Skin Booster Energy –


Booster Repair helps your skin fight back. Its unique formula is enriched with mimosa tenuiflora extract, a Mayan plant known for its recovering properties:


• Reduces feelings of discomfort

 • Optimizes skin recovery

• Minimizes the appearance of redness


I typically use this one when I’ve stayed up way past my bed time and I’m dragging myself out of bed the next day (it sadly is usually reflected in my skin)


Clarins Skin Booster Repair – Booster Repair helps your skin fight back. Its unique formula is enriched with mimosa tenuiflora extract, a Mayan plant known for its recovering properties:


 • Reduces feelings of discomfort

 • Optimizes skin recovery

 • Minimizes the appearance of redness


I don’t have this one yet.


Clarins Skin Booster Detox - Booster Detox helps refresh and revive skin that’s had enough. Its unique formula is enriched with green coffee extract, a plant from tropical Africa, rich in caffeine, and known for its detoxifying properties:

• Detoxifies
• Revives radiance of a dull complexion
• Plumps the skin

I use this one when I’ve eaten poorly, which is usually every Sunday after a too fun Saturday (re: cocktails)

You can find Clarins Skin Boosters at the Clarins counter of your local department store (Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Nordstrom etc.) or a Clarins online.


FTC: Products mentioned in this video were provided by a PR firm, however all content and thoughts regarding the product are my own.


Monday, August 8, 2016

American Craft Show

Living in the Bay Area is a blast especially the East Bay. I sometimes visit the Oakland Museum and enjoy the Off The Gird festivities, and one of the last times I did I scored free tickets to the American Craft Councils, American Craft Show event at Fort Mason in SF (August 5, 6, 7).


The pavilion was filled with craftsmen (women) from across the country, including some from the Bay Area. If I didn't love food so much, I'd be ashamed to say that all my purchases were from the food crafters. 



That's not to say I didn't want almost all the jewelry I saw as I walked the aisles. There were some amazing and very creative people there one woman who created jewelry for actual food, another from skateboard decks.  Check out the pictures below to see some of my favorites. Also stay tuned for a post about my favorite artist from the show.

I'm saving up my money to get these Hanna Hoffman Brass and Enamel Earrings

These pieces are the smaller of Julia Turner's pieces and are made of wood, love them.
Love these brass pieces from one of the few male artist present Keith Lewis.


This picture does these pictures no justice. They are absolutely stunning in person.

Potato Chip Earrings. GUYS!!!!!!!!! LOVE!

All of Rachel's work is simply amazing and made of actual food
Love these fang rings, and the variety of styles from Siri Hansdotter

Cool Handbags from Stephanie Wheat

Here's what I eat and purchased. Great wine, amazing bread, and perfect brittle.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Honey & Petals, L.A. Nights Collection

I've written about this brand before, although it was a short post and they've had a rebranding since then. Luxe Oil is now Honey and Petals, but regardless of a name change the brand still maintains its quality and its smart blend of oils which make up the Plush Oil and the Organic Shea Butter both of which keep your skin healthy and beautiful.


For Summer 2016  Honey & Petals launched a limited edition line called L.A. Nights, which features a updated version of my favorite fragrance Woo (now Woo 16), and two new fragrances Black Cherry Ave. and Blood Orange. I ended up purchasing Woo 16 Plush Oil and Shea Butter, along with Black Cherry. I absolutely love them both.


L.A. Nights Fragrance Profile:


black cherry ave [f]

sweet/ black cherry/ merlot


blood orange [f]

citrus/ orange/ raspberry


woo16 [f]

juicy/ plum/ goji berry/ blood orange


Where to find Honey & PETALS:




Check out my first impressions of the L.A. Nights collection:

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Beauty Find of The Week: Bioderma Sensibo H20

I know I don’t post here as much as I should, but if you follow my on YouTube (or SnapChat) then you know that I’ve been really into skin care (and hair care) lately. One item that I’ve been thinking of trying for a while is Micellar Water. Micellar Water had  become regally popular in Korean skincare, as well as the U.S. brands that have versions on  the shelves of my local drug stores. The first time I’d heard of it was from one of the most (maybe even the originator) brands was Bioderma.

Bioderma is a brand out of France (you can’t get it at your local Tajay, Walmart etc.) that is a stable among the Parisians. Too many of us American’s it’s the brand that celebs or skincare gurus  love. The star of the brand is Bioderma Sensibo H20.  Bioderma Sensibo H20 is a multitude of things, but the brand categorizes it as “At the cutting edge of innovation, BIODERMA has pioneered micellar solutions. Specially formulated for sensitive, normal to dry skins, the Sensibio H2O micellar solution gently cleanses face and eyes. It removes water-resistant make-up. The micelles contained in its formula effectively micro-emulsify impurities while maintaining the skin’s balance (soap-free, physiological pH).Soothing and decongesting active ingredients prevent the feelings of irritation often caused by cleansing."

Yes, this one is almost empty, but thankfully I just receive my replacement!

For me I use it as a pre-cleanser (before I oil/balm cleanse) and it removes the  surface layer of any “grit & grime” (YUCK) making my skin a perfect pallet for my oil/balm cleansers. I also use it on the rare occasion I wear tinted moisturizer or any other type of makeup I use it to remove it. Some people use it in lieu of a cleaner all together, it’s so multifunctional (and worth every penny). You can order it online via Amazon or

Monday, April 11, 2016

Glossier Haul

Hey guys, I know it's been a while since I posted, honestly I just wasn't motivated and I didn't want to bring you CRAP content just to put out content.

I 've been hearing about the brand Glossier around the internet and saw one of my favorite beauty bloggers ThisThatBeauty use one of their mask on snapchat, as well as about their cleanser on a podcast I listen to. I went to the site and well I have to say I was impressed. Glossier. prides itself in "Beauty In Real Life", "Skincare before makeup", and embracing real life beauty, imperfections and all. . These are tenants I can get behind, and since I already have a skincare regiment I like (and I'm super weird about changing up), I took a look at their makeup. and eventually picked up Perfecting Skin Tint (which is classified as skin care and not make up), Coconut Balm Dotcom, Stretch Concealer, and Generation G. I know you are like what the hell are these, well here's the break down:

Coconut Balm Dotcom-"It's our cult favorite do-anything skin salve with a mood boosting update - the same super dense formula is made with beeswax and castor seed oil for long lasting hydration, plant extracts provide antioxidants and skin-enhancing nutrients....."  You can pretty much use it on you lips, add a dewy sheen to your eye lids or cheek bones as well (hell slather it all over your face). The one I probably won't be purchasing again, since it has petroleum in it.

Perfecting Skin Tint- ":In the lan between bare skin and make makeup exsist the imperceptible wash of color that is Perfecting Skin Tint....."Evens out discoloration leaves your face looking toned , smooth, and dewy." Even cooler is the online store has a tool that allows you to take a picture of yourself to ensure you pick the right color. Even better he line expanded to include dark, deep, and rich skin tones for my women of color!!! :)

Generation G- "It's a new kind of lip color that gives the look and finish of a stain, but glides on and wears like a tinted balm. The effect? Diffused, sheer matte goodness...."

Stretch Concealer- "Ours is a new type of concealer with elastic micro waxes that move with your face. The buildable  formula covers everything from dark circles to redness and zits."

Each of the products are sheer, softy, and dewy giving you a natural look. While I'm a barefaced girl during the week, these are products you could 100% wear every day!  Have you heard of Glossier., what are your favorite products (products you'd like to try)?

I'm 100% happy with these purchases, check out my YouTube video on me applying and wearing the products to see for yourself.

Check out Glossier. here!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bumble and bumble Bb. Curl

I just wanted to share a new product line I cam across which was just released last week. Bumble and bumble is a product line I hear good things about, but I never had any idea they had products specifically for curls. They actually have revamped that curls line to include improved items, as well as brand new items. I'm so excited to try them. Check out my first impressions below:
Be sure to check out the YouTube channel to see styling videos.
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