Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The Gnarly Whale Beach Waves

A while back I’d been looking at The Gnarly Whale’s Beach Wave product as a curl refresher, but I was a bit hesitant because I had never seen any black girls use a beach wave product in their natural hair. Honestly, salt in some instances is deemed drying and therefore bad for natural African American hair. I went back and forth and decided not to buy it, but was still very interested. Luckily I was not alone and a curly hair blogger Quest for The Perfect Curl (Elle) with hair similar to mine asked about the product on her facebook page, month’s later she bought the product and used it.  I was so glad she did, it was my green light to move forward with my purchase.  The first item I bought was in the sale section, the pineapple ginger beach wave spray. It smells wonderful just like a tropical vacation, and it works really well, I use it to refresh my curls or to change up styles mid-week.  I also use it on my scalp after especially after my noon workouts.


Another great thing about The Gnarly Whale is they aren’t just beach wave spray they have other hair care items as well as great soaps. You also won’t feel bad about buying from them, because they give back  10% of their monthly profits go to charity monthly, 5% goes to Earth Justice: a non-profit law organization that's dedicated to helping protect and preserve places, nature resources, wildlife, and our environment. 5% goes to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium: a non-profit aquarium that strives to protect marine life and environment while inspiring and encouraging the human spirit through education, rehabilitation, rescue, release and more.



Check out my video (it also has a link to Elle’s video):




Monday, February 16, 2015

My DevaCut at MaduSalon

This post is better late than never! This year I decided to finally let someone else help take care of my hair for a change. For me that meant getting a DevaCut, what’s a DevaCut you ask? It’s basically a cutting technique for women with curly hair (all curls great and small) perfected at the DevaChan salon in NYC (there are more around the country now) . The process is simple you go to a Deva Certified Stylist with your curly hair in its natural state (no blow outs/ or pony tails).  The stylist will cut your hair curl by individual hair, this way you know exactly how your hair will look curly.


I choose to go to MaduSalon in San Francisco, because they have a variety of Deva Certified stylist many with hair similar to the texture of my own which is always cool. The process was pretty simple she did a very light trim of my hair, cleansed my hair, applied stylers and I sat under the dryer. Once I was out of the dryer she then shaped up my hair (still not cutting too much). This left my hair in a great shape which will grow out nicely. Check out my results:




DevaCuts can be a little pricey, BUT if you go to someone who does them well you only have to go back every 6 to 8 weeks!

Monday, February 9, 2015

SF Beer Week Pre-Party at Anchor Steam

February 6th kicked off SF Beer Week and also was my birthday, but the day before I was lucky enough to get an invite from The Infatuation SF to the Anchor Steam Brewery SF Beer Week Pre-Party.  The event was held in San Francisco at the Anchor Steam brewery guest got to enjoy great food paired with wonderful beer including Sliders (fried chicken, falafel, or pulled pork), beer floats, chili, beer/chees pairings, and much more.  All the staff was extremely friendly and you can tell they love what they do, the elements of the artistry and science of beer were all around us.


Two very helpful members of the Anchor Steam Staff

I really love beer, but I have to be honest I don’t really drink Anchor Steam, because the type I see most frequently is too light. So I was very grateful that I got to try a variety of Porters (Anchor Porter), Brown (Brekle’s Brown), Belgian Style Ales, and a limited variety that’s only available at the brewery OBA.  I had a great time, and can’t wait to check out the other SF Beer Week events in the East Bay.
The Equipment

Forget Wine and Cheese, Beer and Cheese Please

This was SOOOOO good

The exclusive OBA

Yeap making beer is Science!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Current Obsession: Ear Pins

What rock have I been living under to miss out on ear pins? Ear pins are basically a cross between and ear cuff and an actual earring. They are so darn cute and the looks that I’ve seen (primarily on Etsy) can go from day to day casual to Swarovski crystal night time chic. One small warning, take your time and look around before you purchase many places have the same quality ear pins but are at a 98 dollar price point where others have the same looks at 20 dollars (although sometimes you have to wait for shipping from overseas) .

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dirty Mouth Primal Tooth Powder

My personal container, I love the spearmint option
I’ve mentioned primal and paleo lifestyles here before, but did you know that it goes well beyond just eating clean?  Since your skin is your biggest organ and you can absorb chemicals through various house hold items, include the lotion, and deodorant you choose you really have to start reading those labels.  While I’m admittedly not totally “clean”, my makeup is still dirty, I have been able to clean up my deodorant, moisturizer, and skin care.

Photo Credit: Primal Life Organics

Prior to even living a primarily paleo/primal life style one of the areas I started cleaning up first was my toothpaste. I started off slowly with going to a well-known “clean” brand (which isn’t that much cleaner that the regular drugstore brands) and by removing fluoride from my toothpaste. The traditional paste eventually left me with some serious temperature sensitivity, which made it really important that I look deeper in to a natural/clean dental care.   The next step was removing all the other fillers, so I went to my first ever tooth soap (good but not economical), and then my first tooth powder which I spoke about before.  I’m now using Primal Life Organics and I absolutely love it.

Photo Credit: Primal Life Organics

Dirty Mouth Primal Tooth Powder  is my favorite tooth powder for very key reasons that every consumer wants, variety!  The all natural powder does the work my previous powder did, but it comes in more “flavors” and an option to have activated charcoal (naturally detoxifies) in it which helps with tooth whitening naturally.  It also combines natural clays, sodium bio and other healthy and mostly organic ingredients aren’t overly abrasive on your teeth as many assume.   The price for a 1 oz tins are $12 and there are also 2oz and 4 oz refill options.


Happy and Healthy brushing!

P.S. Readers can get free shipping through January 20, 2015 with coupon KASEY at checkout. *US orders only, all international orders will receive $5.95 off their shipping rate.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Nailed It: Winter Wonderland Manicure

This is my current holiday manicure. I didn't want to go the typical route with the green, gold, and red. I used the same layering technique to ensure the polish would last longer and topped off my index fingernail with a pearl tree just to ensure there is no confusion it's all about the holiday!

I have one more holiday manicure up my sleeve, but I probably won't post it until the New Year!

Polish Featured:

KB Shimmer "Snow Way":

Winter Blue Crelly (Cream/Jelly) polish two sizes of white hex glitter, 2 sizes of round glitter and a white diamond shimmer glitter.  

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Warby Parker Concentric Collection

If you've been reading my blog for a while then you'll remember August 2010 that was the day I was one of the few who was buzzing about Warby Parker. Warby Parker was the first to bring designer styles, high quality to the masses at fraction of the cost. They were also the first in the eyewear game to donate a pair of glasses to those in need for each pair they sold. It's no surprise that they've managed to stay ahead of the game even though the market now has more competition. They've done this by keeping their eye on fashion and releasing new styles in collections.



Today marks Warby Parker’s launch of their Concentric Collection, which features both their eyeglasses styles and their sunglasses styles. The collection features three new styles the Benchley, Murphy, and Everly alongside 3 new colors Whister Grey, and accent colors Vulcanite, Hazelnut, Flint, and Fjord Blue. What makes this collection so unique is that for the first time Warby Parker is working with a manufacture what can press two colors together which results in a two toned look highlighted by a ring around the lenses.


My personal favorite is the Murphy in Crystal with Hazelnut, although I already have a pair of clear glasses in my obscene collection (I have more than 12 pairs), the originality of the Concentric Collection and the touch of hazelnut in the perfect place make them a must have for me.  The line is prices starting at $145 and is available starting today!  Check them out at

My favorites (Murphy in Crystal with Hazelnut)..........

If you are in the SF Bay Area check out your local Warby Parker brick and mortar location.

357 Hayes Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Open Daily 11am-7pm 
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